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The aim of our game is to step up your business’ visuals - bring in your ideal customer & start creating more engagement. To accurately represent your brand visually, I’ll need to get to know the ins and outs of your business & what is going to set you apart.

The first step involves an initial questionnaire to get the ball rolling! It’s also the stage that I will let you know what files & all that nitty gritty stuff I will need from you. After receiving your answers, I will be able to put together an accurate schedule for our project & the fun part begins…


Mood boards, visual concepts & planning! This stage will be different depending on the type of project we are working on together. For photography projects, this stage involves concepts and mood boards, as well as, determining locations, models etc! For web designs, this stage includes creating initial wireframe designs. Here is where I send beautiful ideas to your inbox, and you can curate visuals that speak to you & your brand!


It’s time to get down to work. Taking in all the visual concepts & planning we established in step two, it’s time to make it all come to life! By this stage, we will have a finalised idea in our minds of what we expect the finished product to be. I will be e-mailing you during this process to receive feedback and approve progress. & viola! 

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Ready to begin? Would love to hear all about your project! Send through the deets & I'll be in contact with you shortly. Looking forward to chatting soon!

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