3 Magazines You Should Subscribe To

WETHESPIES.COM | 3 Magazines you should subscribe to ..

WETHESPIES.COM | 3 Magazines you should subscribe to ..

In the past, I've been bit of a magazine hoarder - buying issues whenever I just need a read on the train. But costs and storage space has forced me to scale down the amount magazines I subscribe to or purchase on a regular basis. Here are 3 magazines that should definitely make your list for regular reads:

RUSSH Magazine | My partners parents kindly bought me a subscription to Russh for my last birthday and I've been loving it! My favourite sections would definitely be the opening mood board and the film/book reviews. 
Category: Fashion - Trends, Editorials
Released: Bi-monthly
Issue cost: $9.95 AUD

Lula Magazine | This publication is full of nostalgia and has developed quite the cult following. You will love this magazine if you like Sophia Coppola films and read Tavi Gevinson's Rookie Mag. 
Category: Fashion
Released: Bi-annually
Issue cost: I buy mine from Magnation for $29 AUD

SRC 783 | This brilliant publication is a result of a collaboration between Australians, Christina Dietze & Nick Thomm. The magazine is beautifully put together and inspiration just oozes out of the pages.
Category: Fashion - Alternative, Editorials
Released: Quarterly  
Issue cost: $15 AUD

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