3 Cute Theme Ideas For Your Next Soiree

WETHESPIES.COM | 3 Cute Theme Ideas For Your Next Soiree

WETHESPIES.COM | 3 Cute Theme Ideas For Your Next Soiree

If I wasn't doing what I do, I'd love to be apart of the event & wedding planning industry. Styling & planning an event is by far the best part - well, for me anyway. (Fact about moi ...) I'd always much rather hide away somewhere and watch the party come to life then become the life of the party. 

1/ Dusk Garden Party
It's officially spring (thank goodness) so why not set your next get-together out in the garden! 

What I'm thinking ... Big white lanterns, lemonade with mint, fairy lights wrapped around trees & hanging overhead, a long single table, mason jars with baby's breath bouquets, a killer cheeseboard, hessian details & plenty of candles.


2/ Moroccan Theme
An especially good pick for warmer nights with a close knit group. This one's an easy option to organise in your own backyard. 

What I'm thinking ... Rugs and cushion seating, couscous and stuffed vegetables, quick DIY table (sheet of wood balanced on crates), bohemian prints and vivid colours, lanterns, yummy veggie dips & fairy lights.  


3/ Outdoor Movie Night
Mmmm gettin' comfy with snacks on soft grass & fresh air while watching a flick.. yes! I've been wanting to try this out for a while now.

What I'm thinking ... Bean bags or deck chairs, blankets, set up a candy bar table with snacks & drinks, fairy lights, popcorn & a classic film!

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