The Only 2 Apps You Need For Insta-worthy Photos


In this post, I'm sharing my editing secrets to produce vibrant, stand out images for your Instagram! I edit all my photos using my iPad pro for my Instagram, or digital projects.

Here we go:

Photoshop Fix
Requires a subscription.

This app allows you to crop & make adjustments to brightness, contrast etc. But I don't use the app for these purposes. The features of Photoshop Fix that are use most are; Liquify, Healing, Smooth, Masking & Defocus. All the tools on this app allow you to mask and recover the adjustments that you made. I used to use Facetune, that had similar features, but I prefer to use Photoshop Fix because of the preciseness and it won't decrease the quality of your images.

Free, with in-app purchases

My favourite editing app - OF ALL TIME. I've tried a lot of filtering apps on my iPad & iPhone, but nothing beats my main VSCO. I pay for a subscription to receive all the presets & new ones. But you can use this app for free and have access to a range of excellent presets. Favourite features of VSCO are; it doesn't decrease the quality of your photo, you can change your skin tone colour so filters don't turn you bright orange, you can adjust the level of any setting you apply.