10 Blog Post Ideas for December

Wanting to post seasonal content on your blog, but stuck for ideas? I've curated a little list of blog prompts to get you started this December. There's a bunch that I'll be doing myself! 

1/ A gift guide for your readers
Choose items that fit with yours and your audience's personality.

2/ Design printable gift tags
Handy with design? Readers will love a freebie.

3/ Holiday film watch list
... and Love Actually better be on it.

4/ Gift Wrapping Inspiration
Source images to inspire DIY gift wrapping ideas.

5/ How to: NYE bar cart
A DIY post constructing the perfect bar cart for entertaining.

6/ Tree Decor
How did you decorate yours?

7/ 2016 favourites wrap up
Write a summary of your favourites this year - films, books, blogs etc.

8/ Holiday Looks
Share your festive and NYE outfits.

9/ Gift DIYs
List your favourite DIY projects for the holidays, or write your own.

10/ New Year Resolutions
Share your goals for the year ahead.