A late start to 2016 and some happy news!


My last update was the end of November. How can so much change in just a month and a half? 
Change and I have a love/hate relationship that's very complex and we just never really quite understand where we stand with each other. 

I should begin with the biggest change - I'm engaged! "Small" hint with the photo above. November 29 I said yes to my paolo and it's safe to say this was a super lovely and 100% welcomed change to my life. It took some time to kick in, but everything did feel wonderfully different and new when I realised that in a mere year's time I would be married to the boy I used to have milkshakes with after school at 15 years old. Who would've known! 

And now, a belated hello to 2016. I won't go on with babbling about my goals for this year because we all know that I realistically might, maybe, perhaps will stick to one of those goals. 


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