Tutorial | How To Create The Perfect MOOD BOARD USING PHOTOSHOP

WETHESPIES.COM | How to create the perfect mood board using Photoshop.

WETHESPIES.COM | How to create the perfect mood board using Photoshop.

Learn how to create the perfect mood board using Photoshop. Mood boards are a great tool that I use almost daily. They take all the inspiration you've been collecting across numerous places and lay them out in a visually appealing manner that's clearer to understand. I use these to visually communicate my ideas to a client or just to gather my own creative thoughts. 

1/ Layout - Begin by dividing your art board into tessellating shapes. I used rectangles and squares with a circle covering the intersection. Tessellating hexagons or triangles also make really effective layouts. 
To place your images within these shapes, I'll be using Photoshop's clipping mask tool. If you are unfamiliar with this tool, you can read a quick tutorial post I wrote here

2/ Colours - Decide on a colour scheme. I like to stick with 3 main shades and an optional 2 supporting shades. ColourLovers.com is a great resource for colour trends and palettes. 

3/ Collect your images - I stumble across images mostly on Pinterest and We Heart It. Try to look for striking images that strongly fit into both your colour scheme and subject matter. Take your time. 

4/ Lay out your images - Using the clipping mask tool, go ahead and mask your shapes with your chosen images. Play around with placement until your mood board looks strongly defined. 

BONUS/ Feeling a bit stuck - have a freebie! Download the Mood Board Template PSD I used to create the pictured mood board above.