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WE THE SPIES . com | Driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Notable things to see & do.

WE THE SPIES . com | Driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Notable things to see & do.

This entry follows on from my previous Los Angeles Notables post. Following my week in Los Angeles, P and I decided to drive to our next destination - Las Vegas. Without any stops the drive is only 4 hours - flying is only 1 hour but with so much to see along the way it seemed worth the day trip. And believe me - it can take an entire day if you really want to see a lot! Here are my must sees & dos: 

1/ Salvation Mountain - You've probably seen this rainbow mountain posted all over social media or on Pinterest  (I've actually spotted the man-made masterpiece is quite a few editorial shoots too!). This huge artwork is located in what is called 'Slab City' & definitely worth the detour. Really cool spot for some travel pics but be warned - it gets HOT out there! Have a read about the artist and story here

2/ Don't forget to look outside your window - I definitely recommend leaving early in the morning and travelling during the day. There's so much to see just beyond your window. The landscape changes and views are incredible! I didn't dare fall asleep the whole way.

3/ Peggy Sue's 50s Diner - An original roadside diner & really cute spot to pull over for a bite. The interior, the outfits, the music - it's all so well done. The staff really played their part too! 

4/ Cabazon Dinosaurs - Although this was closed when we stopped by, you can still check out the world famous concrete dinosaurs from the carpark. They make for great silly pictures. 

5/ A good playlist - A road trip just isn't a road trip without a suitable playlist. 


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