Tutorial | How To Use Clipping Mask in Photoshop (For Bloggers)


The clipping mask tool on Photoshop is by far my most used tool! A simple concept, this tool works beautifully to create mood boards and layout designs. You can also use this tool to mask text! 

1/ Prepare your artwork. I used simple hexagon shapes to define my layout and selected four floral images for this tutorial.

2/ Paste or drag your first image, making sure it is the layer just above the element you wish to mask.

3/ Right click your image layer and select 'Create clipping mask'. This will show an downward arrow beside your layer indicating you are masking the layer underneath. 

4/ Move or resize your image until it sits where you would like it to.

5/ Congratulations you successfully used the clipping mask tool. Now, you can use this tool in a number of creative ways to achieve beautiful blog post layouts.