5 Apps I Use To Edit My Photos For Instagram


1/ VSCO CAM - My main photo editing app. Vsco comes with a set of free filters - but because I use VSCO Cam so often, I've invested in the extra filters you can purchase in the in-app store.  I love how the filters emulate a film effect. Also, the skin tone adjuster is super handy for those filters that give you an unnatural skin glow. 

2/ INSTAVOGUE - There ain't no shame in wanting to touch up blemishes. This app is by far the best I've tried so far. The blemish tool is really accurate. Plus, there are some extra features like teeth whitening and illuminate enhancing that come in handy!

3/ POLAMATIC - The official app of polaroid. This app allows you to import photos and turn them into polaroids. What's unique to the Polamatic is that you can choose what film you want to use (Polaroid 600 or Polaroid SX-70 etc), then a filter and border. It creates really authentic looking polaroid scan. 

4/ AFTERLIGHT - Similar to VSCO Cam however, this app has a couple of different features. On top of photo filters you can also use light leak, instant film, dusty and texture filters. This app uses in-app purchases. 

5/ INSTANT PIC FRAME - A pretty standard framing app - but one that I use every time I post a photo to get a white border.