7 Productivity Tips I Swear By


Whether I'm at my nine-to-five at Peppermayo or working weekends on personal projects - I'm constantly battling an ever-growing to-do list. Over the years, my approach to achieving a productive work day is always under constant review and development. 

Experimenting and discovering what helps you get more out of your day is so crucial to any line of business. I've adopted so many different little tips and tricks to get me through a busy day, which I want to share. Please note, however, that everyone works differently.

1. Don't hesitate to start your day. Decide and adhere to a start time. Be realistic as to when is a reasonable time to begin your working portion of the day. 

2. Plan your day ahead. At the office, I use an app called Asana. At home, I use my to-do list note pad from Typo. Which do I prefer? Asana is extremely thorough and excellent for group tasks, but not worth the bother for a personal daily to-do list. 
Again - be realistic. Don't pile too much into your day. 
And - Don't forget to prioritise! 

3. Clean desk, clean mind. This is something that really affects how I work. When I have a clean working environment, I feel fresh and ready for anything. A messy desk creates a chaotic forecast ahead.

4. Don't leave the boring bits til last. These tasks aren't getting any more interesting, so get it over with in the early portion of the day.

5. Set yourself time limits. And stick to them! Allow yourself extra time in case something goes wrong. 

6. Have breaks. 

7. Do it now, before you forget. If I thought comes into your head - write it down. When you receive a task, add it to your to-do list straight away.