5 Reasons Why I Moved To Squarespace



A couple months ago, I slyly re-branded WETHESPIES and changed platforms from Blogger to Squarespace.

Side note: I chose not keep my old posts. I felt that the direction I had been unintentionally going in was far from who I am - so I needed the clean space to love my content and my site. (There's still a lot to come - including my portfolio section.) 

Squarespace is not a free service - you have to pay a monthly subscription. So if you're new to blogging and you're not ready to invest in your site yet, then perhaps you might want to start on a free platform and transfer over at a later date.

Here are the five biggest contributing reasons why Squarespace sold me. 

1. Clean and easy to use interface. It's a pretty website to work on. I know that sounds lame, but it makes a huge difference to the creative flow and process when you are working on a clean interface. All the menus and previews are super easy to follow and you don't need to know any html or designer knowledge to make your site look amazing. 

2. Blog post layout options. Putting together a post is SO EASY. Squarespace allows you to create columns, negative space, text boxes, captions etc and add in videos, slideshows, call-to-action buttons and so much more when writing a post. On blogger, I had huge difficulty aligning columns in my text editor and then to my layout. But Squarespace has really made it easy - no need for HTML, so that saves a lot of time! 

3. Suitable for showing off your portfolio. Squarespace is also a great platform for displaying your portfolio. This is a section I'm working on at the moment! You can create galleries and customise how you want them displayed. You can also sort everything with tags and categories.

4. SEO friendly and Social Media compatible. It's really simple to connect all your social media accounts to your Squarespace blog. When you schedule a post, you can also automatically post the link to your social media accounts. 
Every post also has it's own thumbnail image that you can put in, which is the image that will be used if anyone links to your post or pins it to a board on Pinterest.

5. E-commerce option. Squarespace also allows you to sell products on your site. Although I'm not looking to do that at the moment, it's good to know that if I wanted to start selling my designs it will be really easy to set up as a separate page of my blog!